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Some very old photos

My dad (Bellamy's tepu daih) of early 70s

Me (Bellamy's daddy) at 1yrs plus

Bellamy's tepu' & his friend.

Bellamy's tepu' & his friends in about late 70s.

My mum (Bellamy's tepu's dadtur) in early 70s

Me with autie Kaseng in early 1968.

coming to a year old

on the right hand is me at 1 yr plus with mum

Me at nearly 2 years old (holding my 'cucut ' bah...) with elder sister at 4 yrs old.

uncle (Marcus) on the left, dad, elder sister, younger sister, mum & yourger brother (i was
left in 'kampung' under grandpa guardian since 4 to 12 years old.

Brothers & sister taken in 1983.
I was at form 2, my elder sister at form 4,
younger brother (right) at form 1, younger sister (left) at primary 5, and finaly,
youngest brother (sitting center) at primary 1.

Youngest brother (at primary 1) & younger sister (at primary 5) in Marudi, Baram.

My 'kampung halaman', Long Dano in the Kelabit Highland Plateau (taken in 1993).

Brother & Sister taken in 2000

Mum & Dad - 1997